Facility Management Service

Facility Management Services

Focus on your core business and leave the managamenet of your diverse it environment to the experts.

Today IT assets have become widely distributed and with reduced visibility on the network. A lot of organizations spending a very high portion of their technology budget on ‘soft costs’ like purchasing, installing, managing, administration, troubleshooting, training and recruitment for supporting IT hardware and software. They are forced to put in a lot of energy and time into these activities because the systems are critical to business operations and any downtime can have a severely disastrous impact on production, customer satisfaction and revenues.

We help our clients not only to concentrate their efforts on the core business areas but also to utilize their existing infrastructure better. Our IT Facilities Management Services are a comprehensive set of services that help our customers to fully utilize their IT investments by improving availability, reliability and performance. We achieve this by offering a complete portfolio of customized services and expertise, from planning and design to procurement, installation, integration, migration assistance to system management, telephone support and on-site hardware and software fixes.

Managed IT Services

One of our major service operations is the Managed IT Services, where we’ve got 100% customer-satisfaction in most onsite supports. On this model, we prepare our technologists with instruction programs, conducted for Facility management services and support, at the customer’s sites. They’re capable of handling and managing Servers, Work stations Desktops, Laptops Printers and other IT related equipment through parent company.

Our coaching and assistance to the Technologist is continually Tailor created keeping the client prerequisite at heart thus minimising the machine dysfunction. The kind and amount of Technologist is determined by us in line with the client conditions.

Consulting and Management Services

Key Facilities Management – delivers real value through consulting, outsourced management services, project management, and interim management.

Key Facilities Management

Where there is an understanding of Facility Management and the value that it offers. Where long term business relationships are developed and nurtured. Where every challenge is seen as an opportunity. Where quality is not compromised for quantity.

Where you will achieve the desired standards at optimum cost. A change management company that ensures its activities are business driven; A partner that you can trust. Where you will find experience, leadership, innovation integrity and an honest approach.

The Facilities Management Logic

Every organization needs facility management services to underpin and support their core activities. The standard of support service delivery has a direct impact on the productivity of your core business. Facility services and how they are managed and delivered have a direct impact on your statutory compliance.

The Facilities Management Logic

Every organization experiences peaks and troughs and occasionally has a gap that needs filling. Interim management offers a flexible, swift and economic solution with minimal disruption. External resources do not have any baggage in terms of internal politics, employment or career requirements and are totally focused upon delivery of desired business outcomes. The introduction of an experienced and independent perspective will add value to your current and future needs and requirements assessment going forward.

Why to use Key Facilities Management?

Navigator Systems Facility Management Services empower top firms worldwide to enhance, safe, control and help their mission-essential infrastructure for customers to align IT Programs targets and plans with venture technique to provide solutions that generate business method including enhancing the dependability, accessibility and operation of the datacenter, network and security infrastructure. Organizations who are progressively looking to improve productivity, which needs careful orchestration of how INFORMATION technology interacts with business programs and enterprise applications. Navigator Systems Facility Management Services can assist, empowering one to free resources to concentrate on strategic initiatives like Reduce IT infrastructure expenses, Improve end user productivity by reducing downtime & Optimize IT productivity.

Our Clients

We work with the companies that have established a stainless reputation in what they do. They are leaders in various spheres of business, and we appreciate cooperating with them.

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