Annual Maintenance Contract

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Our annual maintenance contract is extremely popular with estate management, facilities contractors and property developers alike.

This is because we make it a priority to send the same team of engineers every time so that we understand all aspects of the system; previous faults & repairs, equipment replacement, cabling and equipment location. This invaluable ‘knowledge’ of a systems history can stop continuous system faults and various companies and engineers tampering with a system.

We cover new or existing systems in our annual maintenance contract. If you have an existing system we would initially send out an engineer to undertake a site inspection of the system in order to provide you with a proposal of the annual cost and equipment that we intend to cover.

Continuity of Service

We aim to send the same engineers each time so that we 'understand' the system and its components.

One Point of Contact

At ADS Digital we offer our annual maintenance clients one point of contact for all reported faults on all properties. Buiding a solid relationship with clients is so important to us

Speed of Service

We offer a 48-hour minimum response time to all reported faults, often this is 24 hours.

Full Replacement of System Components

We will replace any faulty equipment covered by the contract. System components and the labour to replace and balance an intricate system is expensive. Protect your annual budget with one annual contracted cost.

Quarterly Health Checks

We will undertake full system health checks to ensure that your system is running smoothly and to full capacity. Our clients receive a full report with photographs of our findings and recommendations.

OEM, B2B and AMC Support

Whatever your business worry is, whether it’s related to OEM, B2B Service or AMC Support, get it addressed by our expertise. We are just a click away from you.

High-quality Annual IT Support

Remote Support by Email & Telephone

Remote Support of Computers

Remote Support of Server infrastructure

Remote Support of PBX, CCTV

Remote 24x7

Remote Consulting and Trainings

On-site Engineer Visits

IT Emergency visit

IT Systems Support

Desktops support

Health management

Emails management

Peripheral Devices support

Router & Switches management

VPN & Firewall administration

Mobile Devices management

Cloud Solutions

Phone System (EPBX)

CCTV & Biometric

Server Backup & Restore and others

Our Clients

We work with the companies that have established a stainless reputation in what they do. They are leaders in various spheres of business, and we appreciate cooperating with them.

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ASP Infotech is a well known leading IT Systems Management organization in providing modern, latest technology solutions for businesses of all sizes.