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Prepare for the future with fully resilient, secure, scalable and highly available managed business cloud services from in the Cloud IT.

As a leading business cloud services provider we do not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

From our cloud computing for business experience we know that each organisation is different, so along with our own range of solutions, we have access to a comprehensive network of other cloud providers. This allows us to provide various solutions/quotes based on your specific requirements, not just based on what we can offer, but what is best for you!

Let us find the perfect cloud expert for your organisation.

As professional cloud service providers we specialise in the very best office and business applications, agile and resilient virtually hosted IT infrastructure all complemented by dedicated service and support for business, industry, schools, colleges and universities.

Our ready-to-go cloud packages are designed to meet your security, compliance and performance needs. Discover the advantages and benefits of the cloud and free your business from the burden of IT.

Cloud computing small business solutions

With our range of great cloud solutions, the entire journey for your business will be seamless, and we will ensure that your cloud products have the flexibility to grow and evolve as your business does.

Remote Desktop

A remote desktop gives you the ability to access both shared and personal documents from anywhere in the world via a PC, laptop or any other suitable web device helping your business to increase productivity and reduce cost.

With guaranteed high availability your workforce can work from anywhere, at anytime, on any device, including the iPad and iPhone. It means you continuously have your business at your fingertips, from business applications to archived data.

Our simple hosted desktop ‘pay as you go’ model provides clear, fixed costs for simplified budgeting.

Cloud Server

A cloud server will provide the ability of “power on demand”, where a business can tap into a resource that is standing by and ready to work in a very short period of time.

By virtualising a cluster of servers on our enterprise class hardware, a business can acquire more computing resources, CPU, RAM and bandwidth exactly when it needs them and turn them off as easily as they were initiated.

Working in the background and invisible to users, cloud servers provide the highest levels of features, performance, uptime and security.

Business Antivirus & Anti-malware

Our cloud based antivirus protection detects, blocks, and removes viruses and malware from your company’s PCs and servers.It will also establish safer, more efficient, and spam-free business emails. Focus your employees on core business tasks by managing their access to distracting websites

Subscribe to cloud services to protect your company, focus employees on business-related tasks, and ensure safer, more efficient, spam-free communication.

Cloud Backup

A cloud backup protect your important data by keeping a copy safely online. It’s completely secure, hassle-free and easy-to-install plus backs up your entire PC or Mac, no matter how many files you’ve got! Fully automated and secure online backup lets you get on with running your business, while your critical data is always protected and always available.

Cloud-based backup is the most efficient way to protect and store business data held on PCs and Macs. Fully compliant and flexible to grow with your business, industry-leading solutions deliver exceptional data backup – anytime, anywhere.

Cloud Server Backups

Online server backup is compatible with all major server operating systems, virtual environments, and key applications such as Exchange and SQL. By combining security, performance and management, online server backup delivers IT cost reductions, flexibility and peace of mind. Prevent data loss with automatic protection of key business systems such as Exchange and SQL. Create multiple policies for applications, system information and files.

With a simple web portal for central management, reporting & alerting you can manage machines and policies from one easy-to-use web portal. This allows you to diagnose and understand issues before they occur – and receive automatic alerts for unplanned events.

Cloud Storage & File Sharing

Cloud storage allows you to easily share, edit and view projects and files with colleagues and customers (on any device), without compromising your data security. Cloud collaboration provides an easy and intuitive way to manage and share your files across multiple devices, including PCs, smartphones, tablets and servers.

Cloud storage and sharing is a collaboration that allows complete secure access to all of your business files from a device-based application or web browser. Projects are seamlessly synchronised across all of your devices, and your key business files are automatically and instantly backed up and stored in the cloud. This means you get up-to-date access to all of your files, at any time, on any device from anywhere.

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